Oh, what a night!
Click for a glimpse of Barcelona, Spain
Original photograph, Halifax, NS, early 1940s taken by Nova Scotian
photographer, Robert Norwood. A coloured poster now resides in the
TD Bank on Spring Garden Road, Halifax. Betty Bickle is in the lower left.
Wonderful exhibition, exceptional teacher
The Lupins lasted half a day......
Tiffany and Chris - a fabulous wedding and happy coupling
Broadway on Argyle Street at the Neptune Theatre – wonderful!
Thanks to family and friends who gathered to celebrate
In loving memory of our heart hug friend, Tasha
February 7, 1954 - September 8, 2015
A fun reunion in Halifax
Time for change......
A baby girl and a precious photograph
Clever and memorable at the Neptune Theatre. Hats off to Rick Miller!
Donations to support a refugee family in Halifax can be forwarded to
St. Matthew's United Church. Annotate the cheque with "refugee fund"
WWI comes alive with images, maps and articles.
Archived by volunteers, the site continues to develop
and share incredible stories of our veterans
Imaginative production of The Magic Flute.
LIVE from The Met

Drawings by Barbara Bickle