A FABULOUS WEDDING that began in
Sambro and ended at St. Mary's Boat House.
It was spectacular from beginning to end
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on Canada Day in Ottawa
Cousin Patrick and his wife, Joan, made the roundsl
Figurative Drawing Classes at the
Nova Scotia College of Art & Design
Oh, what a night! The event was
in support of the Outreach Program
at St. Matthew's United Church.
A fun-filled Friday picnic at Melmerby Beach in Pictou County
The BEST PARTY I had to miss.....
The BEST BIRTHDAY party was held in Ottawa hosted by
Kim and Niki for Aunt Georgia June
A fundraiser in Blandford, NS.
The garden was filled with ceramic birds
and animals along with wooden bird houses
A Happy Halloween at Drummond Hall
Photos by Calum Agnew from the October 15 action
in Grand Parade, Halifax NS
"Reforms come from below.
No man with four aces howls for a new deal"


Drawings by Barbara Bickle